Partner Programs ClearPay Processing offers a variety of programs combined with great payment solutions make us your best source for financial transactions.

 Sales Partner Programs 

ClearPay Processing is continuing its nationwide expansion and is excited to have you become an important part of our ISO team as we continue to grow this sales channel. ClearPay believes we offer you a compelling financial arrangement, unparalleled agent support and well funded nationwide direct marketing programs. We offer our sales partners competitive pricing models and hands-on support for all your statement analysis and pricing needs.

ClearPay Processing’s aggressive approach to revenue sharing enables you to immediately to earn more than your peers and provides you with the opportunity to enhance your earnings as your organization grows.

 Referral Partner Programs 

Use your Business Network to generate residual monthly cash flow to you! Our Referral Partner Programs are designed for people who have relationships to refer to us, but they don’t want to sell merchant services.

Save money for your important business relationships and make money for yourself by becoming part of our Referral Partner’s Program!

If your customers and other businesses you know accept credit cards or other forms of electronic payments, we can save them money and make you money in the process. Click below to contact us and learn more.

 Association Programs 

Our Association specialists consist of seasoned industry professionals who are experienced in working specifically with trade associations and other selected vertical markets.. Our goal is to be your #1 source for all things payment related. Along with traditional credit card processing, we offer discounted check card rates, debit capability, gift card programs, check guarantee services and the peace of mind knowing that someone understands your unique needs.