Important Announcement Regarding
Verifone Equipment

Verifone Re-Boot Issue- Action Needed By June 25th

Verifone has confirmed that the re-boot ‘looping’ issue recently experienced with their Verifone Vx520 terminals will continue to impact terminals that do not perform an update. If your terminal is stuck in a reboot loop, performing the steps below will solve the issue.

Both steps involve a lot of button pushing, but only take a few minutes to complete.

Step 1: Updating the Terminal Parameters

Step 1 will stop a current re-boot loop as well as prevent the a re-boot loop from occurring. Perform these steps first, even if the terminal is not experiencing issues.

Step By Step Instructions: Click Here

Step 2: Updating The Terminal

Step 2 will prevent the terminal from having future certificate issues. The step-by-step instructions below are shown on a Vx805, but the options are identical. For the terminal ID section, use the last 3 digits of the MID.

Click Here To For Step-By-Step Instructions